• Señales


    Toda explicación resulta inútil, lo es cada intento de frase, cada balbuceo. O tal vez no. Construimos la vida a partir de esos fracasos inevitables, sórdido en ocasiones. ¿Qué vemos, en realidad? ¿Hacia dónde señalamos con la linterna en la enorme cueva?. Un día prendió un fuego del que no guardamos memoria. Nos hablan sus…

  • Antiphon


    I’ve gone through several nightmarish relationships in my life. As a result, my self esteem was damaged beyond remedy. The women I used to be attracted to vaccined me against any kind of complacency and self-absorption and made healthy vanity the fastest shortcut to shame. Photography became the only acceptable excuse to demand approval and…

  • That great golden hive of the Invisible

    That great golden hive of the Invisible

    Some days after knowing about the cheating, I went to a mountain retreat with some friends. We bathed naked in the river, we had miso soup for dinner and meditated in behalf of clarity. Rilke wrote that all insights occur after the fact: I was scared to death, but feeling relieved by dissolution. My hands…

  • On photography and other dangerous pursuits

    Even though some days life is a shit storm and most of things wet paper, I consider myself one of the richest and more fortunate human beings in the world. Wonder is leading and I’m in the good direction. The click must go on.

  • Red kiss

    Red kiss

    Fierce beauties, red kiss, drunk nights of weirdness and enchantment, a ticket to Wonderland from time to time, cabaret romance, nostalgic longing in foreign eyes, death defying nihilists dancing with a fag between their fingers, entitled gothic dominatrix, and lick-shoe submissive big boys with ducktail hair style, a troupe of crepuscular creatures, a blank memory…

  • A case of intimacy

    The convenience and facility of digital photography has totally changed the photographer’s sense of commitment, and plagued the media of mere noise and marginalia profusely documented. The trivia of everything is sucking the essence of life itself, in its most ineffable, ungraspable parts: those that can trigger the relevant questions and move us towards personal…

  • On releasing the burden

    On releasing the burden

    There’s a feeling of hallucination when I take photographs in the context where photography is exposed and ‘officially’ recognized as a work of art. The ever evolving, handy, portable and easily available media devices have made anyone with a camera an amateur photographer and anyone with a blog a writer or a journalist. Some of…

  • In a dark time, the eye begins to see (*)

    As a photographer, I’ve come to realize that certain emotions are invisible to eyes in immediate reality, but they appear, so uncanny familiar, so violent, so touching, once revealed in a photograph. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be if I couldn’t keep record of the overlooked, if I couldn’t stay a minute mindfully,…

  • Disjuncture


    We don’t live in the land of plenty any more. I turn on the television and see the queues of the unemployed. Every few days people close to us are fired from their jobs.

  • Artifice


    The movie takes place over a single day. From the very first moment you know that you are about to be the witness of an imminent downfall. Both want to be loved, or maybe it’s all about the contrary.