Fine tuning

On a photoshoot with John Katzenbach

Whilst shooting a session with John Katzenbach, bestselling thriller author and journalist, I experienced some weird fine tuning to his stream of thought, some kind of mental synchronization. I was there, doing my thing. He was there, doing his thing and all of a sudden, I was able to get the answers in anticipation, in perfect English.
Certain emotions need no explanation. Silence can be very outspoken. Images and gestures are sometimes more expressive than discourse. But in this case, words were the subject.
His slow, deliberate, mesmerizing speech got me into a temporary trance. The shooting fingertip went on its own, and my brain turned into a receiver: an accidental case of telepathy.
Maybe he is used to wait for the translators to catch up. In many different languages. Painstakingly slow or uncomfortably fast. Hundreds of interviews like this, across the globe. Maybe it is something else, like he is really fine tuned with something else that feeds his inspiration on a regular basis -despite his clarity around the feeling of terror as all related to direct experience-.
It may only require a slight tweak of speech speed to make a mind-to-mind transmission happen.

John Katzenbach
John Katzenbach